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Tactical Communication & Sales Skills

If you want to be the best at any business, you need to be good at Communication.  You could have the best skills or product but if you cannot communicate to your customer, you will not be successful.  Dentists are not taught how to properly communicate with their patients in person, in their marketing, on the phone or providing virtual consults.  There are unique skillsets, training, tools and techniques for getting people to move forward, just like there are techniques for doing a filling.  Once you master these essential elements, dentistry becomes easy!!!  Why spend so much time training on dental procedures or buying the next piece of technology if you cannot motivate people to move forward with you and your services???  What could you achieve if you had more people saying YES to your services?  How many days would you work per week if you could increase your income just by having better communication skills?  Learn the motivational sales techniques that were not taught in dental school that can allow you to do more of the dentistry you enjoy doing and living a more enjoyable life with all of it's freedoms. 

We call this revolutionary technique "Influential Inception"!!!


Of content to help you have more successful case presentations, discussions and virtual consults.  Learn why people say "NO" and how your conversations can create more people saying "YES".


No where in dental schools or in continuing education will you find communication skills like these.  Want to close more big cases?  Then training in communication skills is one tool you need. 

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You get the benefit of 24/7 access for life with access to any and all new content that gets added.


Dr Todd Snyder has been teaching dentistry to dental students, graduate students and his colleagues for over 25 years and knows what makes a great dentist, businessman and a successful dental office. As the 77th Fellow in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a FACE graduate on occlusion, having started a cosmetic dental office from scratch in an already saturated and competitive dental market in Orange County, CA, and successfully running numerous startup businesses, he has a lot to offer. You will be amazed at what you can learn to become more successful. Sit back and get ready for one of the most transformational programs of your carrier.


To give you the tools & skills necessary to allow more people to say "Yes" to comprehensive treatment.


There are no limits to your access.  You can learn while at home or on the go with any modern browser.


Once you are in the program you can come back any time and gain the benefits of any new content.


One payment for $1895 for Lifetime Access to this program's content. No matter how many times the content is upgraded.  



Three payments of $675 each, spread across three months for Lifetime Access to this program's content. No matter how much the content is upgraded.  


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